Envestnet client management software

Data from accounts managed in Pontera is directly fed to Envestnet, and is reflected in their applications including Tamarac and ENV2. 

Morningstar advisor software

Users of Morningstar Office can connect Pontera to view held away account data, show performance, aggregate reports and bill on held away accounts.

Orion advisor solutions

The data feed between Pontera and Orion gives Orion users visibility into client held away assets for management, reporting, and billing.

Pershing Integrations 2-1

Pontera's integration with BNY Mellon Pershing X's applications, including Wove, enables advisors to seamlessly manage, report, and bill on held-away accounts.

Addepar-Logo- white 810x423

Addepar users can receive data from Pontera to allow them to easily see their clients' held away accounts alongside custodied accounts.

SS&C_Technologies_logo white 811x423

Advisors can see held away accounts in SS&C’s Advent Custodial Data Network, including the Black Diamond Wealth Platform, Axys, and more.

AdvicePay Logo@300x 1043x544

Our integration with AdvicePay allows advisors to utilize their billing and payment solutions to seamlessly bill their clients for Pontera accounts.

capitect-white@300x 5000x2610

Capitect integrates with Pontera to enable financial advisors to include held away assets in reporting, billing, and rebalancing.


With Pontera, Advyzon users can extend performance reporting capabilities to view and report on held away assets through the client portal & mobile app.

geowealth-white@300x 2559x1335

Leveraging Pontera’s technology, GeoWealth provides held away data alongside custodied accounts for performance reporting and billing.

AssetBook White@300x 2501x1305

Pontera has a direct data feed into AssetBook, enabling advisors and clients to see all of their managed assets in one centralized place.

Panoramix logo white 560x292

Advisors using both platforms can see held away data in Panoramix to show performance and aggregated reports, while also billing on those accounts.

Wide_NEG_White Crop

Advisors using Pontera and AdvisorEngine® can analyze and rebalance clients’ 401(k) accounts for holistic financial planning, and offer end-to-end performance reporting and billing.

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