Improve retirement outcomes

Studies show retirement accounts can grow up to 75% larger when professionally managed by financial advisors.1  Pontera enables advisors to securely and compliantly provide management of 401(k), 403(b), and other defined contribution plan accounts as part of a holistic portfolio strategy. 

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Informed advice and management

Provide prudent advice with complete plan information. Pontera offers an intuitive interface for rebalancing within plan accounts. Using Pontera, advisors can compare fees and historical returns, set target allocations, and set alerts for when those allocations drift outside of customized boundaries. Pontera also integrates with many portfolio performance reporting and billing solutions so you can deliver consolidated portfolio insights to your clients.

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Strengthen client relationships

Over 60% of investors are looking for more help with their retirement accounts1, and advisors who integrate Pontera into their practices report adoption rates of up to 80% among eligible clients. By partnering with Pontera, advisors can employ cohesive rebalancing and tax strategies across their client portfolios. Improve your clients’ confidence and satisfaction with proactive management during volatile markets while working to deliver long-term results. 

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Comprehensive plan analysis

Pontera simplifies the analysis of plan retirement funds by displaying comparisons of fund options, fees, and allocations in standard view, regardless of the custodian. The platform helps eliminate the risk of human error, such as mistaking a Collective Investment Trust (CITs) for a publicly available fund. Advisors can easily find plan prospectus information with a click of a button to make recommendations that are in the best interest of their clients. 

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Maintain compliance with regulations that protect clients

Pontera helps advisors stay in compliance with regulations that protect their clients, particularly in the realms of account custody, supervision, and level-fee billing. The platform never shares client login credentials and purposefully prohibits client account access, disbursements, transfers, and beneficiary changes. Pontera’s supervision module annotates all advisor account reviews and rebalances, creating a clear, downloadable audit trail of activities. Finally, when it comes to IRA rollovers, clients can be rest assured decisions are made in their best interest now that their advisor has the ability to provide the same level of service, in plan (removing potential conflict of interest as outlined in DOL PTE 2020-02).

Alleviate Compliance Challenges

Assist more clients

The median American family holds more than half of their assets in retirement funds1 and may not know professional advisory is an option for them. By partnering with Pontera, your firm can provide a clear path to helping retirement savers align these investments with the rest of their portfolio and retirement goals.

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Safeguard client data

With Pontera, financial advisors can eliminate poor cybersecurity practices such as storing client account credentials, accessing client accounts on custodian websites, or requesting sensitive account documents via email. Instead, the platform enables secure, client-permissioned account management without ever providing client credentials to the advisor. Pontera is SOC 2 certified by EY and employs bank-level encryption, security architecture, and regular pen testing to ensure that client data is protected. To provide ultimate peace of mind to the advisor and their clients, Pontera offers a Commitment to Client Protection

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Manage without custody

Provide full in-plan management to client accounts held off of your custodian while using a platform that does not allow you to take custody.  Provide the value of custody without the need for surprise audits.


Provide holistic planning

Bring more of your clients' accounts into one cohesive strategy. Pontera allows you to monitor and rebalance 401(k), 403(b), and other held away accounts to ensure they are meeting your clients’ needs.


Easy asset location

Optimize tax strategies to grow client wealth. You can allocate your clients’ investments across taxable and tax-deferred accounts more quickly and efficiently by using Pontera for in-plan changes.

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Consolidate reporting

Provide more insight to your clients while simplifying billing. Pontera integrates with Performance Reporting software so advisors can show their clients more of what’s happening in their portfolio.


Provide peace of mind

Access the ability to rebalance and monitor retirement accounts when it matters most to your clients, and improve client satisfaction by maintaining control during volatile markets or life changes.


Reduce compliance concerns

Improve compliance with regulations while limiting custody and rollover challenges on held away assets. Using Pontera's audit and supervision capabilities, you can help safeguard client assets and remain compliant.

"Everyone wins, from the client to the advisor." 

Dynasty CEO Shirl Penney discusses how Dynasty Network Partners provide comprehensive 401(k) management and help clients achieve better retirement outcomes, using Pontera. 

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"Introducing Pontera to clients was very simple." 

Carson Wealth Pittsburg's Neal McGrath shares his experience using Pontera to deliver holistic financial advice on clients' entire financial portfolio, including their 401(k)s. 

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"Day one clients were giving us positive feedback."

Michael Schwartz, CEO of Magnus Financial Group, shares how advisors at his firm use Pontera to comprehensively manage client 401(k)s and deliver a higher level of service.  

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"Now we can see one of the family's biggest assets."

Larry Sprung, Founder of Mitlin Financial, shares his experience using Pontera to compliantly manage clients' 401(k)s to deliver holistic portfolio planning. 

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"Now clients can have that peace of mind."

Michael Gold of Gold Family Wealth explains how Pontera allows him to provide a higher level of service and help clients secure a better financial future.

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"It allows you to be a better advisor to your clients." 

Cean Kenefick-Rogers, CEO of Ironwood Wealth Management, discusses the importance of providing comprehensive 401(k) management to help clients secure a better future. 

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"Over 90% of our clients opt in to the service." 

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