The bridge to
better retirement

Pontera enables retirement savers to get
managing their 401(k) from their trusted advisor.

For advisors
For retirement savers

The bridge to
better retirement

Pontera enables retirement savers to get
managing their 401(k) from their trusted advisor.

For advisors
For retirement savers

Serving retirement savers across America with trusted firms

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Professionally managed retirement accounts can grow 75% larger over their lifetime 


more account growth can be gained with professional help1


of savers want professional help managing retirement accounts2

"Now we can see one of the family's biggest assets."

Larry Sprung, Founder of Mitlin Financial, shares his experience using Pontera to compliantly manage clients' 401(k)s and deliver holistic portfolio planning. 

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"Everyone wins, from the client to the advisor." 

Dynasty CEO Shirl Penney discusses how Dynasty Network Partners are using Pontera to provide comprehensive 401(k) management and help clients achieve better retirement outcomes.   

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"Over 90% of our clients opt in to the service." 

Jason Kolinsky of Kolinsky Wealth Management discusses how he uses Pontera to bridge a critical gap in wealth management planning and grow his book of business.

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"The process for introducing Pontera to clients was very simple." 

Neal McGrath, Managing Director at Carson Wealth Pittsburgh, shares his experience using Pontera to deliver holistic financial advice on clients' entire financial portfolio, including their 401(k)s. 

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"From day one clients were giving us positive feedback." 

Michael Schwartz, CEO of Magnus Financial Group, shares how advisors at his firm deliver a higher level of service with comprehensive 401(k) management through Pontera.  

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"It allows you to be a better advisor to your clients." 

Cean Kenefick-Rogers, CEO & Founding Partner of Ironwood Wealth Management, discusses the importance of providing comprehensive 401(k) management to help clients secure a better future. 

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"Now clients can have that peace of mind."

Michael Gold of Gold Family Wealth explains how Pontera allows him to provide a higher level of service and help clients secure a better financial future.

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Advisors choose Pontera to provide more value to clients

Holistic Planning

Holistic planning

Bring more accounts together into a cohesive strategy. Pontera allows advisors to monitor and rebalance 401(k), 403(b), and other held away accounts to ensure they are meeting their clients’ needs.

Asset Location

Asset location

Optimize tax strategies to grow client wealth. Advisors can allocate their clients’ investments across taxable and tax-deferred accounts more quickly and efficiently by using the Pontera platform.

Consolidated Reporting

Consolidated reporting

Provide more insight. Pontera helps advisors show their clients more of what’s happening in their portfolio. Combined with their existing technology, Pontera enables advisors to offer more streamlined portfolio visibility for their clients.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Provide stability by rebalancing and monitoring retirement accounts as-needed, just like custodied accounts. Improve client satisfaction by maintaining control during volatile markets and improve long-term results.


Secure rebalancing

Keep accounts secure. Pontera is a trusted solution for thousands of financial advisors and some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Pontera is SOC 2 certified and uses bank level security architecture to ensure that client data is protected.


Improved compliance

Stay compliant. Pontera aids compliance with financial regulations and alleviates custody and rollover challenges on held away assets. With audit and supervision capabilities, Pontera helps  safeguard client assets and improve operations.

Unlock holistic wealth management